I’m a graduate student at University College London. My research interests span scientific computing, and applied mathematics. Specifically I am working on high-performance distributed codes for integral equations, running on the latest heterogenous computing hardware.

Personally, I’m just generally interested in all aspects of computing. I find the idea of a general purpose machine fascinating. The complexity that seems to emerge from a set of electronic components, that by themselves are engineering marvels, is incredible.

As an undergraduate I studied physics. It wasn’t quite for me, and I lost interest in actually doing physics (as opposed to just talking about it, which I still enjoy) towards the end of my degree, with a corresponding drop in my grades. But something that has stuck with me, and perhaps fuels my interest in computing, is the idea that it might be possible to analytically describe the world. The precision with which you can control seemingly individual electrons in modern computers, to compute well pretty much anything you want, inspires a similar feeling in me.

This blog is mainly about my interest in computers and/or maths. I’m also interested in other things. Mainly, music, film/tv, cycling and keeping fit in general.